Are Dashcams Worth It? Should You Invest In One? (Yes!)
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Should I Buy A Dashcam For My Car? 

A decent dashcam that gives high-quality dash cam footage can be an investment for some, but with benefits such as evidence in accident proving you weren't at fault and lower insurance costs, the advantages of buying a dash cam can be tempting. 

With dash cam models improving on the market and coming with better features such as LCD screens, higher-quality recording of 1080p and parking modes, the money spent on these dash cams is nothing compared to the value you can gain. 

However, there are some disadvantages of dash cams that might make road users argue they aren't worth the cash, so to help you out, we have composed an informational guide below that will discuss why dash cams are worth it and also why there aren't so as you can make a balanced decision when it comes to buying your own.

Are Dash Cams a Good Idea?

Dash cams are growing more and more popular around the world, with cheaper models now cropping up and dual dash cam models, this way of recording what happens inside our car and outside our car helps give us all peace of mind. 

Not only can you record road rage incidents and catch dangerous drivers with your dash cam, but you can also use your video footage to look back at road trips or record taxi disputes (with consent). 

The list of advantages to buying a dashcam is endless, so if you have the correct budget and you want to be able to feel safer when using your vehicle on the road, a dash cam is worth the money and a great idea.

How Do Dash Cams Work? 

Dash cams record footage by using power from your car if they are hardwired in, or by using cigarette lighter output. You can buy dash cameras that run with an internal battery but you will have to remember to charge these models up. 

Apart from power, your device will have a camera to record video evidence, along with built-in or removable storage for a memory card so as you can review the dash cam footage.

You don't have to power dash cams on when they are hardwired into your car as they will turn on automatically when the car does, they also don't have fancy settings for dash cam videos and will overwrite old files when the dedicated SD card becomes full to make room for new footage.

What Types Of Dashcams Are There? 

If you wondering whether or not you should buy a dashcam, it's a great idea to explore the options that you have on the market first so as you can make sure you are investing in the right kind of dash cam for your needs. 

You will likely come across rear dash cams and front dash cams (dual) models, single-channel dash cameras and cheap operational dash cam options. All of which is great for a decent dash cam, but some come with extra features which are worth knowing beforehand. 

Basic Cheap Dash Cam Models 

Basic cheap dash cam models are the best for road users on a tight budget, who just want to record the road ahead of them in case of any accidents. 

These dash cameras don't have an interior view or rear view mirror recording and lack any advanced features like GPS or high video quality which more expensive dash cams will have. 

But for basic footage of incidents, a cheap dash cam is worth the money. 

Advanced Dash Cameras 

If you can stretch your cash a little more, an advanced dash camera will come with extra features such as GPS tagging, speed sensors which is useful for police forces to see how fast you were going and audio recording which can be useful for disputes. 

Most average dash cam users might not feel like they need these fancy features, but they can become very useful if you are involved in an accident, and might give you the upper hand with evidence that a basic lower footage quality dash cam cannot.

Dual Dash Cameras 

Dual dash cameras are the best type of cams you can get for your car as they record quality footage of what's in front of you, as well as what's behind, which can be useful if you get knocked from the back of your car during an accident for insurance disputes. 

These cameras are great for monitoring the interior of a car too, which can be useful for kids who are learning to drive if parents are worried about them when they are behind the wheel of the car.

Is it Worth Buying a Cheap Dash Cam? 

When looking on the market for a mirror-mounted dash cam, you might be tempted by some of those cheap amazon £20 bargains that you see, after all, all you need is for them to provide you with evidence and basic quality footage, so why not save some cash, right? 

Well, no, you are wrong.

Unfortunately, cheap dash cams that are very cheap will often have a poor quality image which can make a road incident hard to study and provide poor evidence for insurance claims, the pixel quality of the cameras are always very low and they don't have any extra features such as dual recording, parking mode or GPS.

But if it's a cheap dash cam or no dash cam, then it's probably worth it.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using a Dashcam?

Now we know all about dashcams, whether or not you should buy one, how they work and what cheap models offer, so as you can tell whether or not a dashcam is worth it, we have put together a list of all the advantages and disadvantages to buying a dashcam below. 

Advantages Of a Dashcam

Dash cam ownership comes with many advantages that you might not have considered for your money. First of all, these cams give you first-hand evidence of any accident that happens on the road, this can prove you are not a fault and also show if any accidents were staged by the other driver for insurance fraud. 

Some of the best quality dashcams will come with a parking mode that can protect your car when your not around too and have GPS that will enable police to find you are your car in an emergency. 

For beginner drivers, dashcams will let you study your driving as you review footage if you get a dual model and improve your overall driving behaviour, this can be a great tool for kids who are learning to drive. For creatives you can also record your road trips, save them and look back on them later!

  • GPS functionality to locate you during an emergency or find your stolen car. 
  • Dash cam evidence of any accidents you involved in. 
  • Parking mode can watch your car. 
  • Insurance providers may give you a lower rate. 
  • You can record your road trip. 
  • They can prove staged accidents. 
  • You can watch your driver skills.

Disadvantages Of a Dashcam

Drawbacks of a dashcam have to be privacy concerns as if you are driving public transport like a taxi you will have to get all consent from your passengers before turning a dashcam on in your car, which is not legal in some places of the world. 

These cams can also be a distraction for some drivers if they are not set up properly on the car and can cost a fair amount to buy up-front if you buy an advanced dual camera with all the extra features such as GPS.

  • Can be a distraction. 
  • Expensive. 
  • Privacy concerns. 
  • Can be an attraction for thieves.


Overall, the advantages of dashcams really do outweigh the negatives, and if you can afford them, these devices are worth getting installed in your car to protect you and others when your out driving on the road, just make sure to set them up properly and get consent if your using one in public transport.

Will a Dash Cam Reduce My Car Insurance? 

Some companies in the UK will reduce your car insurance and give you a discount if you install an insurance-approved dashcam in your car. This is because insurance companies recognise that these types of drivers are likely to be more cautious on the roads and can show evidence if they are not involved with an accident. 

Frequently Asked Questions About If Dashcams Are Worth It 

What can a dashcam help me with?

A dashcam gives a road user numerous benefits as we mentioned above, from providing first-hand evidence of an accident to watching your car when your not around with parking mode, this kind of cam can save you hassle when it comes to damage of your car.

How much is the average dashcam in the UK? 

On average in the UK, a dashcam can cost anything between £50-£400 and above for a high-quality dual dash cam.

What else can I use instead of a dashcam in my car? 

You could also use your phone or a Go Pro to record footage from the road in your car, but these cameras are not as suited to the dashcam job as they are less easy to hold in place and you will have to remember to switch them on, the footage you record will also not be overwritten so can use up a lot of storage on your devices.

Last Words 

Overall, dashcams are truly worth it if you want to feel safer on the roads and catch any incidents that can prove you are innocent, the drawbacks of dashcams are very minor and can be avoided when fitted right or when you get consent from the passengers if you have a public vehicle. 

These little cams can potentially save you a lot of money from insurance due to the footage they record and spot dangerous drivers on the road.

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