Do I Need A Front & Rear Dashcam Or Is Just A Front Sufficient?
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Nov 27, 2021 @ 12:21 pm

Isn't it true that a front and rear dash cam is twice as effective as a single dash cam? It might not be as straightforward as that. It will also give you more peace of mind. We show you the top front and rear dash cam deals and explain all you need to know about them, including if you truly need one at the front and one at the rear.


The technology in these cameras has improved dramatically over recent years. The ability to record video at high quality means that they can capture much more detail than before - even when recording from inside your car. They also have better image stabilisation so that videos are less shaky and jittery. Some dash cams even include a parking mode, which starts recording whenever an impact is detected.Shop dash cams with GPS G- force sensors When your camera detects an impact against your vehicle it automatically saves the footage and prevents it from being overwritten.


Of course, price plays an important role in deciding which dash cam to get. If you want something cheap then it's probably worth looking for a deal where if you buy one dash cam you will get another dash cam half price. Then you will have one for the front and one for the rear. Alternatively, look at the Dash Cam front and rear combos below.

Insurance Claims

The police or insurers may examine your dash cam film to determine exactly what happened, potentially assisting you in avoiding problems with insurance claims or legal matters. Advanced dash cams can be set up to broadcast video footage immediately to your phone or other connected device, providing critical evidence for an insurance claim. Having dash cam evidence both front and rear will help any insurance claim you make. An SD memory card will also provide video files to strengthen any insurance claim.

Memory Card

If the G-Sensor is activated, a clip of the occurrence is stored to the memory card and locked in place, allowing it to be reviewed without being erased. When your dash cam is hooked in or wired in and turned on, it will begin recording video and saving it to a micro SD memory card. Simply attach your memory card to a PC or Mac and use it to read, copy, or delete the contents. 

Viewing Footage

If you have a built-in screen in your dash cam, when you need to, you'll be able to rapidly watch footage on your camera. Look out for a Dash Cam with this functionality.

Models for Front & Rear Dash Cam Fitting.

The Itrue X6D dash cam system is ideal for individuals looking for a front and rear facing dash video system that is also stealthy. This small and unobtrusive dash cam includes front and rear facing cameras that work in tandem to provide continuous sweeping views of the road ahead and behind, and it can be mounted in any vehicle with only a single piece of 3M tape.

Tell Me More

The Itrue X6D has a lot more to offer than just front and rear facing dash cam capabilities.
The front and rear facing dash cams pack a punch for such a small device, with features including WDR technology that automatically adjusts in low and high lighting settings, GPS tagging, and a speed meter. 

Any More?

The Rexing S500 Dash Cam proves that front and rear facing dash cam systems are not interchangeable.The Rexing S500, like the Itrue, has simultaneous front and rear facing cameras that work together to keep your vehicle safe, but it has a unique function in that the cameras can rotate.

Go on..

The front-facing 170 degree angle camera can rotate 180 degrees vertically and 30 degrees horizontally, while the rear-facing 120 degree angle lens can rotate 180 degrees vertically to provide an in-car or rear-road perspective, allowing you to entirely tailor the footage you obtain.
The Rexing S500 Dash Cam may not have the same stealthy appearance as the Itrue Dash Cam, but it is unquestionably more reliable. 

Car & Cam?

Should you buy a car with a built-in camera system, or should you get one that's separate from the vehicle? The answer is simple: it depends on what your needs are.

The best dash cams will be able to record video in both day and night conditions, as well as at speeds up to 120mph . They'll also have an adjustable angle of view so they can capture everything without being blocked by the steering wheel or dashboard.

Innosinpo 1080P 3-Inch LCD Screen Dashboard Car Camera

CAR RECORDER WITH 3 INCH LARGE LCD SCREEN - Combined with 1080P Full HD and 12MP resolution, and a 3" large LCD Screen, the car recorder delivers sharper videos&images and replays critical moments even when traveling at high speeds. It has the ability to provide insurance claims in order to avoid disagreements. The very large screen displays the image in real time, allowing you to clearly see all of the details while watching back and providing a superior visual experience. 

Crosstour 1080P LCD Screen Dash Camera

3 Inch Large LCD Screen Car Recorder - With a resolution of 12MP and a resolution of 1080P Full HD, this dash cam can help prevent insurance claims and conflicts. The very large screen displays the image in real time, allowing you to clearly see all of the details while watching back and providing a superior visual experience. 170° Wide-angle Dash Cam - The 170° wide-angle lens records a wider viewing angle. 


Shop dash cams with parking mode Night vision Infra-red night vision records clearer images in the dark in areas where there's not much street lighting.

Shop dash cams with night vision Auto start The dash cam starts recording automatically when your car starts to drive.

Shop dash cams with auto start Loop recording Once your memory card is full, the dash cam will record over old footage, so it never stops filming.

Shop dash cams with loop recording How do dash cams record and store video?

Shop dash cams with a screen WiFi enabled dash cams You can download your footage to a device to view.

Shop dash cams with WiFi No screen or WiFi?

Shop dash cams with GPS G- force sensors When your camera detects an impact against your vehicle it automatically saves the footage and prevents it from being overwritten.

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