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Nov 2, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

E-PRANCE D101 1296P Car Dash Cam Video Recorder

e-prance-d101Dash cams are perfect for those people wanting to protect themselves during any car journey, they are built to record everything that happens during any journey so if you have a car accident that wasn’t your fault and someone is trying to blame you, you’ll have sufficient video evidence that it was in fact not your fault.

There are loads of different dash cams out there provided by numerous manufacturers and all of them provide different features and accessories so it’s often hard to find one that suits your specific needs. The E-PRANCE D101 1296P Car Dash Cam has been highly regarded as one of the best dash cams around and should definitely be considered thanks to its simplicity and many integrated features. Here are a few of the features the E-PRANCE provides:

  • Extra wide viewing angle – This dash cam has a 170 degree viewing angle which gives the camera a better perspective of what’s going on in front of it. Some cameras have a lot smaller viewing angles and sometimes miss important events, but this 170 degree viewing angle will capture everything in front.

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  • G-Sensor technology – If you do happen to have an accident you may be a little bit sceptical as to whether the camera and all of the previous recordings will survive – the camera may not survive depending on the severity of the crash, however, the G-Sensor technology automatically detects impacts and will protect all data and recordings for later use.
  • Video playback – This E-PRANCE dash cam has a coloured LCD display which is in Full-HD 1296P resolution so after you have recorded any events you can simply watch it on the 3 inch screen it provides.
  • Night vision – If you happen to drive a lot during the night you will be happy to know this dash cam provides superior night vision to its users. This night vision is also complimented with a unique WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) video system that provides better quality night vision recordings.
  • 12 months warranty – If you haven’t had any luck with dash cams previously and you are a bit sceptical about whether the E-PRANCE will last, then you can be rest assured knowing you are well looked after thanks to the 12 months warranty included with purchase.
  • Motion detection – One of the best features this dash cam provides is the ability to record on its own accord. The motion detector that has been integrated into this dash cam means that if it senses any movement in front of the camera it will automatically turn on and start recording.
  • Loop recording – The loop recorder this dash cam provides means that when the storage is full with other recordings and has no space for newer recordings, it will automatically overwrite the oldest segment with the new one so you never have to worry about buying additional storage.

The above features are just some of the many features this dash cam is able to provide. The video quality is high thanks to its High Definition integration and the microphone picks up the sound very well. Even driving during the night the dash cam can still read car plates clear as day and still pick up everything it should thanks to its night vision technology.

This E-PRANCE dash cam is a great buy if you are looking for a simple recorder that you can simply setup and let it do what it’s supposed to and this camera comes at a fraction of the price of some of its competitors in the market – which is just another reason to consider buying.


Features: WDR Night Vision – G-Sensor Technology – 170 degree viewing angle

Pricing: Affordable

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