How To Attach A Dashcam To A Mirror? Find Out Here!
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How easy is it to install a mirror mounted dash cam?

Whether it is a high spec or budget dash cam, it will almost certainly be placed near the rear view mirror, if that mirror is powered, you're in luck. A power splitter, such as those sold by Dongar, eliminates the need for a cable that is longer than a few inches. Note that by default, these powered mirrors do not provide consistent power. 3M Adhesive Mounts are generally the best way to attach them. Hard-wiring kits are available from most dash cam vendors for around £15.

If the mirror is not powered, here are the full dash cam installations.

Tools for the job

A spudger/crevice tool is included by several dash cam vendors for pushing wires into molding and crevices.

Find your vehicle’s fuse box.

We need to know where the fuse box is since we'll be running a power line from the dash cam to it. On the driver's or passenger's side of the dashboard, most automobiles include a fuse box.
The fuse box is located under the steering column in this example (behind the removable panel).
The location of the fuse box in your car can be found in your owner's manual.

Sit in the driver’s seat in your vehicle.

It’s best to place the dash cam in the reach of your armrest, but don’t place the dash cam in a location that blocks your view of the road ahead. In this example, customers have chosen to place their dash cam immediately under the rear view mirror.

Routing the power cable

Install the power wire, starting with the dash cam, about where it will run hidden under the vehicle's interior panel. When heading to the fuse box, this provides you an idea of where to route the cable and how much slack is left.

Find a hot fuse at the beginning

Vehicle fuses may be powered all of the time (always hot) or only when the vehicle is running (hot at the start). To enable the dash cam to automatically turn on when the car is running and switch off when the driver turns off the vehicle. Use a simple circuit tester that lights up when power is provided to identify which fuses are starting to heat up.You must use a circuit tester to ensure    there is no power on the fuse when the ignition is off. The power is only available when the ignition is turned on.

Test your installation

Turn the ignition key to the on position and insert your key. If everything is set up successfully, your dashboard will light up and begin recording! You can now continue by reinstalling all of the removed interior panels to make running the power cable easier. 

What Happens When Storage Fills?

If you’ve ever used a portable recording device, whether it’s a cell phone, a digital camera, or whatever, then you might see what happens when the storage media is filled. Parking mode will not help this storage problem, so turn it off when it's up the drive or parked up in a garage.

What are the benefits of installing a mirror mounted dash cam over other types of Dash Cams?

The biggest benefit of installing a mirror mounted dashboard cam is the fact that it does not obstruct the drivers' vision. Dash Cams mounted on mirrors sit neatly out of sight, allowing the driver and the dash cam display to keep their eyes on the road ahead. The added bonus of being able to see what the back seat passengers are doing is another great feature.

Mirror Dash Cams

Dash Cams with mirrors are meant to be simply fitted to your windscreen to provide a clear view of the road ahead. It's critical to properly install your mirror dash cam on your windscreen so that it doesn't obscure your view of the road ahead or impair your vision while driving.

The car dashboard camera's position and direction are critical. Incorrect positioning can be extremely harmful and also illegal. Depending on where you live, the law for installing a dash cam will be different. However, there are a few things to consider before installing a dash cam.

Drivers Vision

It's critical not to restrict the driver's vision while installing a dash camera. Installing a car camera behind the rear view mirror is the best option for most individuals. It's also worth noting that certain dash cams are built to work with the rear view mirror. For simple installation and unhindered vision. There are many varieties of dash cam mounts & tapes to help installation but 3M tape is best.

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