How To Delete Videos From A Dashcam? Find Out Here!
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Feb 1, 2022 @ 12:24 pm

Our Ultimate Guide To Deleting Videos From Your Dashcam

If your SD card is giving you problems then it could be the case that your storage is full-on your dashcam with locked videos, this means you need to go through and delete some to free up storage.

To delete dashcam videos you can either do it through the camera itself, the dashcam app or by plugging the dashcam into your computer to view and delete files. 

In our informational guide below we will cover why videos can often get deleted from dashcams, how to delete files, format your SD card and even recover deleted files from your dashcam.

Why Do My Videos Keep Getting Deleted From My Dashcam?

If your review your dashcam footage only to find that files keep getting deleted then this could be due to the fact your dashcam runs with loop recording.

Loop recording is set on most dashcams and overwrites old videos with new ones to free up space, this operates on the idea that newer files are more important than old videos and stops you from having to manually go through and delete them.

For important videos that you don't want loop recording to delete you can normally lock them on most cams via a button which will store them into a different folder, some cams additionally store videos due to their G-sensor which detects when the impact is felt while recording, it then automatically puts this in the important folder.

How To Delete Videos From a Dashcam

Although dashcams differ, most cams operate the same when it comes to deleting files, we will list how to delete files in three different ways which can be done on most dashcams below.

Deleting On The Dashcam

  1. Press the settings or play icon on the dashcam then look for the delete setting.
  2. Select the video and highlight it then select the delete button.

Deleting Via An App

  1. Connect your dashcam to your phone via WiFi or Bluetooth then select the settings menu.
  2. Select the delete option then the specific files you want to delete.

Deleting Through The Computer

  1. Start by connecting your dashcam to your computer via its cable whether USB or USB-C.
  2. Find the drive for the dashcam on the computer files.
  3. View videos then select and highlight the ones you want to delete.

How Do I Format My Dashcams SD Card?

Another way to easily delete the files on your dashcam is by formatting it, there are two ways you can do this which we will list below, but you should be aware that it will delete all the files on your cam, not just the selected.


  1. Remove your SD card and put it into the computer.
  2. Let your computer identify the card then right-click it and select format or erase depending on whether you are using mac or windows.

On The Dashcam

  1. Turn your dashcam on and get into the settings.
  2. Scroll through till your find the format.
  3. Select and wait, all your files will be erased.

Can I Recover Deleted Dashcam Files?

You might be wondering if there's any way you can recover dashcam files that have been accidentally deleted? Well, most of the time if your dashcam files have been overwritten or deleted then you can't get them back, but you could always try recovery software to get them back, there are a few different types on the market.

We've listed a basic outline of using one of these tools below.

  1. Remove your SD card from the dashcam then plug it into your laptop.
  2. Locate the SD card on your computer, open your recovery software and choose the file to scan.
  3. Allow the software to scan then find the paths to your lost files, choose which one you want to recover and select restore.

Final Words

Overall, deleting videos from your dashcam is a simple process, for ease of use, we would suggest doing it via a computer to have a better view and avoid deleting any dashcam files accidentally. Remember that your dashcam automatically overwrites files, so to avoid losing any important footage we would suggest backing up your cams SD card often.

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