How Long Does A 32GB SD Card Last In A Dash Cam - Find Out Here!
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How Long Does A 32GB SD Card Last In A Dash Cam - Find Out Here!

We all know that having a dash cam installed in your car is extremely beneficial, it can record everything in front of you if an incident were to occur, in some cases too it can lower your insurance cost and act as a deterrent towards thieves.

Dash cams store all this data on to a micro SD card while your driving, normally this is in three minute clips, once full you can back up this data on to a computer or it will re-write over your oldest footage.

Now if you've come across this article, you're probably wondering how long different micro SD cards will last in your dash cam, so let's get to it.

How Much Video Can A 32 GB SD Card Hold?

SD card sizes for you dash camera can range from 16 GB - 128 GB depending on how much data storage you need, when your SD card is full, your dash cam will automatically loop over this old footage unless its backed up somewhere else like your computer.

So in this case a 32 GB card is probably the perfect size for most people. However, how long does a 32 GB SD card last?

Depending on what definition you are recording at, a 32 GB card can hold your footage for up to 2 hours before it begins to re-write (if you are recording at 1080P) and 4 hours if your are recording at a lower definition such as 720P.

A 16 GB SD card can hold about two hours worth of footage before it starts to rewrite, however this depends on the quality you record in, the higher the quality then the quicker your SD card will be full.

We recommend a 32 GB SD card if you are looking for a fair priced card that can hold a decent amount of footage to record incidents.

Tips For Choosing The Right SD Card

With many different SD card brands and sizes on the market it can be hard to know which one to choose for your dash cam, so we have put together some tips below that are worth considering before you buy.

  • Choose a micro SD card - Most dash cams are only compatible with micro SD cards, these can be put into an adaptor and easily used on your laptop.
  • Choose a reputable brand - The best branded SD cards are normally SanDisk, however do check ratings and reviews before buying, always check the seller you are buying from too.
  • Don't put different files - Leave you SD card only for your dash cam footage, mixing it with other files could cause it to corrupt.
  • Check your SD card speed - For quality footage that can record an incident in high definition choose an SD card that can record with a speed of at least class 10 (10 MBS/S), this will give you 1080P footage.

To pro-long your SD cards life, try formatting it at least once a month, your SD card will probably last about 1-2 years depending on its usage, a way to help it last for longer could be to set it to record only when it senses motion, continuous recording will not only fill your SD card faster, but will decrease its lifespan due to heavy use.

How Does A Dash Cam Work And Why Do I Need One?

Now you know the best SD card to use with your dash cam, you might still be considering if you should actually purchase one or not. Well, we are going to cover exactly why a dash cam will be beneficial to you below.

As you know by now, dash cams are little cameras mounted on to your car window screen that record incidents, this footage can act as your witness and be legally submitted to police as evidence.

These little devices can be powered in three ways; via battery, a car cigarette lighter or directly wired in to your cars system.

When you turn on your car, the camera automatically turns on and starts recording, unless it powered via a switch. The best dash cam can either be set to record everything they see or only when they sense motion, some can even lock and save clips when they sense unusual movement.

Why You Need A Dash Cam

The most highlighted benefit of a dash cam is its ability to act as a first-hand witness with the footage it records during an incident, however they can also lower your insurance costs and give many other benefits.

We have listed out a couple more advantages below -

  • Encourages you to drive better.
  • Can help solve incidents quicker.
  • You can record a road trip!
  • You can forget about it and let it do its job (provided you buy one wired into your car and you don't have to turn on).

Dash cams are also useful for driving instructors and first-time learners and ensure a peace of mind when driving.

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