How To Remove Dashcam Adhesive From The Windshield? Find Out Here!
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Jan 31, 2022 @ 12:35 pm

Our Ultimate Guide To Removing Dash Cam Adhesive From Your Windshield

It's all good having a dashcam installed that never comes off your car, but when it comes to the time you need to remove the device and mount it from your windshield, it can prove difficult. 

To remove a dashcam adhesive from your windshield you will likely need a blow-dryer for some heat to remove the suction cup and a prying tool, removing the rest of the adhesive can be done with numerous methods.

In our guide below we will show you how to remove a dashcam from the car plus some other methods for taking off stubborn adhesive which won't come off. 

How to Remove a Dashcam Suction Mount Or Tape 

Depending on the adhesive mount used, most dashcams suction cup mounts can be a pain to take off the car since they are made to be strong to withhold any knocks or bumps.

We've listed the best steps to remove a dashcam suction mount below. 

  1. First off take your blow dryer and aim it directly at the suction cup on the windshield. 
  2. Blow the suction mount at high heat for around 10-20 seconds in total, this can be done from the outside too and will not damage the cam. 
  3. Wiggle the mount back and forth or use a prying tool to try and remove the mount, the heat will loosen up the adhesive and help it to come off.

Methods To Remove Leftover Adhesive From Windshield 

Even when you have successfully taken off the adhesive mount from your car window you might have some stubborn glue leftover which can make your glass look messy. 

We've listed our best foolproof methods for taking the rest of the adhesive off below. 

  • WD-40 - WD-40 is a godsend for any car issues, and surprisingly it can help with stubborn adhesive too, simply cover the adhesive with some of the WD-40 then remove it with a cloth.
  • Hot water - Hot water with a touch of liquid soap can help to take off the adhesive, let it sit for a few minutes and the heat should loosen any glue.
  • Window cleaner - Spray some window cleaner on the adhesive and allow it to sit for around 5 minutes, use a razor gently and a cloth to take off the remaining pieces of the adhesive.
  • Alcohol - Take some alcohol on a piece of tissue paper and rub it on the adhesive till it starts to crumble then wipe off with a cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Dash Cam Adhesive From a Windshield

Can you mount your dash cam to black dots on a windshield? 

Many people are worried about mounting their dash cam to the black dots on their windshield, there is nothing wrong with mounting your dashcam here, a matter of fact it can hide your dashcam from the outside.

Why is my dashcam not sticking properly? 

You should ensure the surface on your windshield is clean and dry with a cloth before mounting your cam, apply pressure for a few seconds before letting go for your dashcam to mount properly.

Do dash cam mounts & tapes both come off with hot air? 

Yes, both dash cam adhesive mounts and tapes can be loosened with hot air as it helps to melt the glue underneath.

Final Words 

To conclude, dash cam adhesive mounts and tape are easiest to remove with a hairdryer as it helps to apply heat and loosen the glue underneath, allowing you to pry the mount off. For other stubborn adhesive marks, we suggest using hot water and a drop of mild soap then rubbing till the rest loosens.

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