How To Stop Dash Cam Falling Off The Windscreen? Find Out Here!
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Why Does My Dash Cam Keep Falling Off My Windscreen? - Our Troubleshooting Guide

There's nothing more annoying than setting up your dashcam mount, only for it to keep falling off your window screen, this can be the case with suction cup mechanisms and adhesive in tapes which can lose their stickiness over time. 

If your dashcam keeps falling off your windscreen then it's likely due to poor-quality dashcam installation, the surface might not have been prepared properly before or the piece of tape and the suction mount has lost its stickiness.

Within our guide below, we will discuss the problems which can cause your dashcam to fall off your windscreen, how to install both adhesive tapes and suction mounts with your dashcam as well as a few tips to help keep your dashcam stuck where it needs to be!

What Causes Your Dashcam To Fall Off Your Window Screen? 

Dashcams should be securely stuck to your windscreen at all times, if they fall during driving not only do they disrupt the recording but also they can be dangerous and distracting. 

Adhesive tapes and suctions cups are known as types of mounts that can be prone to falling over time, we've listed the common factors which can cause this below.

  • The dashcam is too heavy - It could always be that your dashcam is too heavy for your suctions cups or adhesive tapes, if this is the case it might be worth doubling up with adhesives. 
  • It's the sun - Ultraviolet rays from the sun makes adhesive hard which goes on to lose its stickiness.
  • Temperature conditions - If the environment where your mounts and tapes are stuck is too cold or too hot this can also cause your dash cam to fall off. Tape in particular does not stick well if it is too cold since it can't become liquid.
  • Surface it's installed on - Adhesive mounts and tapes are very sensitive according to the surface they are installed on, waxed surfaces or surfaces which are unclean make it hard for all types of mounts to stick on.

How To Install a Dashcam With a Suction Mount

For your dashcam to last with suction cup mounts, you have to ensure that you've installed them properly on the windscreen.

We've listed the best steps to install your dashcam with suction mounts below. 

  1. Begin by cleaning your windscreen with some alcohol or vinegar to keep it clean and ready for the suction cup. Also, wipe the suctions cups back with your cloth then dry both.
  2. Put some hot tap water on the back of your suction cups to add a little moisture, this will help it to stick on the surface. 
  3. Push the suction cups into the desired location on your windshield and press down, this will help lock in the air and moisture helping to stick, hold down a few seconds then release, some suction mounts that might have a lever which you have to pull and release to help stick.
  4. Now attach your dashcam to the suction mount.

How To Install a Dashcam With Adhesive Tape 

Installing your dashcam with adhesive tape is slightly different than installing it with a suction cup, we've listed our best way for long-term installation below. 

  1. Clean the surface of your windscreen with rubbing alcohol. 
  2. Apply the stick base to the screen and hold it down for a few minutes to increase the stickiness. 
  3. Wait for around 15 minutes so as your tape can become sticky then place the dashcam on top, do not wait for 20 minutes otherwise, the bond can become weak.

Suctions Cups Vs Adhesive Tapes - Which Is Better?

You might be wondering if different types of mounts stick for longer, well, suction mounts are your best choice if you are looking to stick your dashcam to smooth surfaces, they also allow you to remove the cup over time. 

Adhesive tapes on the other hand are best if you want to keep your dashcam attached for a long time, you can't remove your dashcam if you do decide to tape it on, however. They are also more discreet than suctions cups.

Tips To Keep Your Dashcam Stuck

If you've tried installing your dashcam with the types of mounts above but it keeps falling, don't panic, we have a few other tips to help keep your dashcam where it's meant to be.

  • Try a magnetic mount - Magnetic mounts do not have issues with adhesive which can fall off, these mounts instead magnetise to your dashcam which doesn't fade over time.
  • Never use glue - Glue should never be used to attach your dashcam as it can damage your car as well as the dashcam.
  • Try using a rear-view dashcam - A rear-view dash cam comes with its mount inside, this is a great way to keep your cam mounted without the need for suction or tape.
  • Avoid cheap dashcam kits - Cheap dashcam kits can indeed have problems with sticking, in this case, would ask for a replacement mount or switch it yourself to a higher quality type.
  • Get a replacement suction mount - It might just be down to the fact that your suction mount is too old, a new suction mount will have better adhesive and should fix the non-sticking issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dashcams Falling Off Windscreens

Can water help my suction cup to stick? 

Water can help to fill air pockets around the suction cup and make it stick better, you should avoid using too much water however as it can also do the reverse. 

Why does adhesive tape stop being sticky? 

Adhesive tape can lose its stickiness over time due to the sun or moisture, it also becomes less bonded as it gets older.

How can I make a suction cup sticky again? 

You can use heat to make your suction cup sticky again, this could be with a glue gun or by holding a lighter over the back of your suction cup.

Where should my dashcam be on my windscreen?

Your dashcam should be in the centre of your window screen preferably with your rear-view mirror is or even as your rearview mirror. The cam should not disrupt your line of vision of safety and minimise distraction when driving.

Can a suction cup hold a lot of weight?

A suction cup can hold a fair amount of weight, the bigger the size of the suction cup the better it will be at holding heavier objects and cams.

Final Words 

To conclude, if your dashcam keeps falling off your windscreen then you need to make sure it was installed properly. The best way to keep your dashcam mounted is by making sure the surface is clean and that it's the right size for your cam, if your cam keeps falling off we would suggest buying replacement adhesive or suction cup since your old one might have worn off.

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