How To Stop Dash Cam Interfering With The Radio? Find Out Here!
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Feb 1, 2022 @ 2:01 pm

Why Does My Dash Cam Keep Interfering With The Radio? - Our Troubleshooting Guide!

If you've recently installed a dashcam inside of your car only to find that you have a lot of disturbance from the radio then you might be getting some interference due to the dashcam. 

There are two ways to stop your dashcam from interfering with your radio, one is by putting a ferrite core on the wire or you might just have to reposition the wires entirely.

To help you out with solving your interference issue we've covered how to fix your radio with both a ferrite core and by organising your wires below. 

Why Does My Dashcam Interfere With My Radio?

Most of the time a bad DAB can be down to poor signal issues in an area you are travelling but it can be down to the dashcam too. DAB interference issue happens due to the electrical waves transmitted from the dashcam which then interferes with the radios signals.

Methods To Fix Radio Interference From Dash Cam

As we mentioned above, fixing radio interference is easy and can be done in two simple ways which we will get into below.

Using a Ferrite Core

Most of the time if you have a dual dash cam you will find that it is the rear camera on the device which causes the electrostatic noise interference, to fix this you can attach a ferrite core to the cable, you can do this for the front camera too. 

A ferrite core can decrease the electrical interference waves and get your radio working how it should be again.

Reorganising Wires 

If a ferrite core does not solve your issue you can always try to change the wires around again and have them running in a different position, this can be a lengthy process to fix RF interference but location can make a huge difference. 

Last Words 

To conclude, you can stop a dashcam from interfering with your radio by using a ferrite core which will reduce the number of electrical waves, you can also try to move your wires around and see if this helps or reduces the signal interruption.

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