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If you have decided to purchase a dash cam for your car, you might be wondering the best way to fit it.

Getting your dash cam fitted can be fiddly as you need to make sure it's in the right position, however most can be installed easily with either a hard-wiring kit or a power cable depending on how you want it fitted.

We've listed out the most common fitting options below to help you out.

How To Fit Your Dash Cam In Different Ways

There are two main ways to install your dash cam in your car, number one being through hard-wiring it, number two being by connecting it to your cigarette lighter.

Unless you have a battery powered dash cam you will need to choose either option when installing. You can also pay your local DIY shop to fit these for you.

Hard-wiring your dash cam

Hard-wiring your dash cam into your cars fuse box is one of the most common and neatest ways to install your dash cam. This can be done pretty easily with a kit.

  • Position your dash cam - Place your camera where you want it, ideally this should be by the rear view centre mirror as it gives the best road view.
  • Tuck it - Tuck your dash cams wires across the window screen and downside of your car, there should normally be enough space between the roof-lining to place your wire.
  • Find the fuse box - Once you have followed your cable down you can connect it the fuse box which should be located on the passenger side by the glove box.
  • Remove fuse - Locate and remove the fuse then fit the socket that comes with your kit.
  • Ground it - Connect to the metal chassis via a metal nut and bolt.
  • Test it - Turn your cars ignition on and off to finally test if your dash cam has been fitted correctly.

Use your cigarette power supply

This option is much quicker and easier than hard-wiring your camera into your car.

  • Power cable - Use the power cable provided with your cam and guide it across your window screen lining.
  • Connect it up - Connect your cams power cable behind the car's interior panels all the way to your lighter for its power source.

*It is worth noting that different dash cams comes with different power cable lengths, so it may not be as easy to hide the wires.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Now we've explained how to fit your dash cam with the two most common options above, its good to familiarise yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each option before deciding.



  • Hides wires nicely.
  • Its always connected with no off and on switch, also stops you from knocking the cigarette lighter accidentally.
  • Keeps the lighter port for other uses.


  • Takes a longer time to install.
  • Can be complicated if you're not used to DIY.

Cigarette Lighter


  • Easy installation.
  • Can be disconnected and used with other cars.


  • You can't use your lighter socket for other purposes.
  • Can be knocked easily.
  • Cables are visible.

Overall, the best option as you can see would be to hard-wire your dash cam into your car, this keeps its neat and your lighter port free.

How To Hide Dash Cam Wires

Now you've learned how to fit your dash cam into your car, there are some tips and tricks to keep your wires hidden when installing, after all, no-one wants cables lying all over their car.

  • Hide it under the headliner - Hide your wires under your cars headliner then down the A-pillar and under the dashboard, this will conceal most of your cables.
  • Take the passenger side - When routing your cable down from the A-pillar in your car, its best to take the passenger side as this is closer to the fuse box.
  • Hide your extra cable - When finishing off you can choose to pass your cable under your foot mat if possible.
  • Make sure you have the right measurements - This is going to be a big factor in how well you can hide your cables, check the length is a close to your cars as possible.
  • Use same coloured clips and tapes for your dashboard - Using same colours will help you conceal your cables better when securing them.

If you really are concerned about cables being shown with your dash cam, there's always the option of going for a battery powered dash cam or even using your smartphone.


Will my dash cam turn off when I turn my car off?

Some dash cams have the ability to keep recording when your car has a power outage, either due to an accident or when put in 'parking mode'.

Where should I mount my dash cam?

You should position your dash cam in a way that doesn't affect your view when driving.

Why should I use a dash cam?

Dash cams provide first-hand evidence of road accidents and can lower your insurance costs.

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