Nextbase 112 Dash Cam Review 2021 - 2022

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Nextbase 112 Dash Cam Review

Dashboard cameras are miracle new inventions that provide solid and clear evidence in the event of a  car crash, fraud or hit and run. There's nowhere for scheming  Crooks to hide who try to scam you out of an injury compensation court case once you pull out High definition footage of what went down. They are literally a full proof way to ensure you never get scammed or become the Victim of any unspent unexpected event which ends up badly in your favour. Some dashboard cameras stick out more than others and this is certainly one that sticks out as a very high-quality dashboard camera for recording any incidents that go on externally to your vehicle.
Nextbase 112 720p HD In-Car Dash Camera Dashboard Digital Driving Video RecorderWhen hunting for the best dashboard camera for you have to be aware that with a  spec and some additional beneficial features such as Wi-Fi will come with a higher Price Tag it does not mean that the cheaper dashboard cameras compromise their quality however the Nextbase 112 in car dash camera features some of the most advanced technology seen in the market amongst any price range.
Let's take a look at some of those advanced additions that make this much more than just a camcorder looking out of your car window!

Nextbase 112 720p HD In-Car Dash Camera Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder

For an absolutely incredible retail price, this camera offers high definition recording and a Cutting edge technology mount feature and follows on from hugely successful and award-winning previous products from Nextbase the leading Brand on the market today for dashboard cameras.
The Nextbase 112 is the latest in the premium compact design of Dash Cam by Nextbase. ‘Following on from the hugely successful and award-winning 101, the 112 adds a number of new and exciting features.’

  • Click & Go Powered Magnetic Mount, using magnets and powered touch points to allow the camera to be free from wires. This is to make the process as hassle-free as possible and avoid having tangled wires or a distracting and bulky window mount.
  • 720p High Definition recording at a great resolution and qualityNextbase 112 720p HD In-Car Dash Camera Dashboard Digital Driving Video Recorder Review
  • 120° wide-angle view for a large radius of vision to capture incidents in sharp detail in a play-by-play account.
  • With an easy, simplistic design and equally simple installation, this product will suit any audience.
  • Comes complete with a bright 2” LED screen to view the menu and adjust the camera’s settings in different levels of brightness, adjustable according to the daylight.
    Four Element Sharp Lenses, with four layers of glass, deliver clearer more crisp images.
  • Also included with this Nextbase DashCam is 4m long 12v Cigarette Socket Car Power Cable, for easy charging and use in whichever car you put it in, large or small.
  • Comes complete with easy to read Instructions in multiple languages

This ultra-handy device provides the perfect alibi for any unexpected event collision or crash.  It will show you where you were and who was around you in a crystal Clear high-quality image so it will leave no doubt as to who was in right or wrong when it comes to the courtroom.
Features: 720p High Definition Recording – Four Element Sharp Lenses – 'Click & Go Mount'
Pricing: Affordable


Overall this is an ideal camera for someone who's not been on the road for too long or does not want to spend a fortune on the security of their car along with all the added insurance that comes with being a car owner. The Nextbase 112 provides an inexpensive but high quality dashboard camera that can still carry out most of the functions of a higher priced brand or model but brings it back to basics ever so slightly to ensure that this device is available to budget low and high so everyone can benefit from driving safer and being protected in the event of an incident. The 720p high-definition and 4 element lenses will still be able to capture a high-quality account of events that go down outside your vehicle.  Also included with this fantastically priced dashboard camera is the cutting edge technology of the magnetic mount ensuring that the use of this product is not just beneficial but easy, simplistic and stylish.  If you're only looking to save a fortune and not spend one the Nextbase 112 is the quality Dash Cam for you.

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