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The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Reviews & Buying Guide

Rearview dashcams are slowly becoming one of the more popular dashcam models on the market, their dual dash cam system offers even better road protection in blind spots thanks to showing the reverse of your car while you still get wide angles of the road ahead. 

A rearview mirror system is also discreet and doesn't obstruct your window screen like a standard dashcam front model does allow you to have an easy dash cam setup. 

As with all dash cam products, these dash cam mirror models differ in their product features and functions, you also need to consider the quality of the screen on these devices.

We've done the hunting for you and found three of the highest rates mirror dash cam models on the market below and reviewed them one by below to help with the decision.

Our Top Rear View Mirror Dash Cam For High Spec Features -

The WOLFBOX 12" Mirror Dash Cam (Editor's Pick)

For a low and affordable price, this Wolfbox mirror dash cam offers excellent features such as a reversing aid system for blind spots, a parking monitor and night vision for night driving. 

In terms of the dash cam technology, the camera quality is up to 1296P on the front cam and 1080p on the rear camera fitted with WDR technology to produce anti-glare images plus a high-quality touch screen.

The dashcam additionally has a G-sensor technology with its HD recording which automatically starts to record upon detecting an impact and loop recording which overwrites new footage to make space. A GPS antenna is also included to track distance, speed and time. 

For the design, the mirror dash cam measures 12-inches plus can stream media and has an adjustable view angle and rubber straps for securing the camera. 


Overall, we're a big fan of the features included with the Wolfbox mirror dash cam, it doesn't compromise on quality for both of the dual cameras recording in high definition and above. 

Installation of this mirror dash cam in comparison to others is also much easier thanks to the extra-long cables included. 

Downfalls of the rearview dash camera mirror are its lifespan with a few customers reporting issues after only a few months of usage. Some people have also reported the cam to get very blurry and wet weather conditions. 


  • G-sensor technology. 
  • Night vision. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Loop recording. 
  • GPS included. 
  • High resolution. 


  • Not great clarity in wet weather. 
  • Gets problems after continued usage. 

Our Choice For Split Screen Viewing - The AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash Cam 

This Auto-Vox rear view mirror dash cam is one of the few devices out there which support dual dash camera viewing simultaneously, allowing you to view the front cam and rear cam together on your mirror. 

Top specs of the cam mirror are its integrated G-sensor which automatically locks the footage to an event file and loop recording system, it records and displays in 1080p for crystal clear viewing and has full lamination to reduce glare from sunlight. 

The cam further has a parking mode to protect your car when you are not around and night vision, parking lines are included for driver assistance from the rearview camera plus it has an adjustable viewing scope to see details with wide viewing angles.

Its 9.35-inch design has a GPS to give you location data while you are on the move and fits into any car with ease thanks to the 4 brackets inside which help with fitting. 


If you have a higher budget and want a wide-angle view dash camera with a split viewing option, the AUTO-VOX mirror dash cam is an excellent choice. 

The rearview mirror dash cam is also super simple to use with a responsive touch screen and anti-glare reflection allowing you to see details. 

Notable shortcomings of the mirror dash cam are its lack of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to view the dual recording footage. The device is also limited in memory card size and cannot support a size bigger than 64GB. 


  • G-sensor. 
  • Dual dash cam. 
  • 1080p quality. 
  • Night vision function. 
  • GPS. 
  • Easy bracket fitting. 
  • Parking mode for all-around protection.


  • Does not take a larger memory card than 64GB. 
  • Little connectivity options for reviewing footage.

ThiEYE Carview 2 Mirror Dash Cam 1080P Dual Dash Camera 

Next up, we have the ThiEYE carview mirror dash cam, this mirror dash cam is the best budget choice out of our top three cams and features HD images and video thanks to the 1080p recording quality plus has a 170-degree wide-angle viewing. 

Some of the notable features fitted in the dual mirror dash cam are its reverse assistance plus super night vision, there is also adjustable viewing in the dash cam element. A parking monitor is used in the cam to detect motion at night and protect your car. 

If you after a simple mirror dash cam system the model has a user-friendly interface with its 10-inch touchscreen, a 32GB memory card is included plus mounting straps for ease of installation.


Although this is the cheapest mirror dash cam system on our list, the budget model does not fail when it comes to its specs including HD quality footage, a parking monitor feature, adjustable viewing and even reverse assistance. 

Fitting the camera is even easier than most with the choice to hardwire your device or plug the budge mirror dash cam into the cigarette lighter of your car. 

Negatives of the budget mirror dash cam are its adjustable screen brightness which is said not to change anything, some users have also reported the mirror dash cam model to suffer in low-light conditions.


  • Cheap price. 
  • HD footage. 
  • 170-degree wide-angle viewing. 
  • Parking monitor. 
  • Reverse assistance. 
  • 10-inch touchscreen. 
  • Night vision. 
  • Easy to install.


  • Bad low-light recording. 
  • Screen brightness is hard to adjust. 

Which Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Should I Choose For My Car?

To round up our top three rearview mirror dash cams, our favourite model which has a high-quality dual recording system and features has to be the WOLFBOX 12" Mirror Dash Cam, we rate this Wolfbox model as our favourite thanks to the high-resolution colours in its recording and wide view which eliminates any blind spots. 

As a more premium option, we would also suggest checking out The AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash Cam, this model has a split viewing system to show the front and rear of your cam plus is fitted with all the essentials such as a G-sensor for emergency recording and a high-quality glass touchscreen.

How To Find The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam On The Market - Our Buying Guide!

Choosing the right rear view mirror dash cam is a little different to finding a standard dash cam, you need to consider some important specs such as the quality of the dashcam touchscreen as well as extra features such as parking guidelines and low light performance. 

In our buyer's guide below, we will discuss the pros and cons of choosing a rear view mirror dash cam, the essentials to look out for in your new cam plus how to install one of these devices in your car.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 

Before we get into how to pick your best rear view mirror dash cam, you might be interested in learning about the pros and cons of a rear view mirror dash cam to see whether or not it's worth your money. 

Advantages Of a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 

  • They keep your window screen tidy - Having the cameras inside of your rear view mirror dash cam keeps the unit all in one and stops your window screen from getting too clogged up.
  • Features a dual dash cam system - Rear view mirror dash cams allow you to have a camera at the front of your mirror and a cam at the rear of your car, having a dual cam allows you to monitor both cams simultaneously and offers you full round protection.
  • Perfect for parking assistance - Rear view dash cams are best for parking assistance in comparison to other dashcams, some of the best mirror models also show parking guidance lines on their HD screen.
  • They improve your driving - Having a dual dash cam helps to improve your driving, not only can you see the vehicle behind but they can also alert you to nearby vehicles around your car keeping you safe and alert. 
  • First-hand evidence - Any dashcam in your car is beneficial since they provide first-hand evidence of car collision incidents and can help to improve your innocence.

Disadvantages Of a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

  • Can affect camera quality - One issue with dual dash cameras is that one camera can often be higher in quality than the other, for example, the rearview mirror cam might be HD while the front camera might only shoot 720p.
  • Could be distracting - Rear view mirror cams can be very distracting since they use your mirror to display the cameras, this can take a bit of getting used to a first and could be a potential distraction when driving.
  • Expensive - These mirror dash cams can often be very expensive in comparison to standard dash cams.
  • A mirror touch screen can be sensitive - Due to the fact these cams fit as your mirror, they often have a larger LCD which is the touch screen, depending on the model you buy, touch screens can be difficult to use while driving and different sensitivity.

Top Features To Look For In a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 

To find the right rear-view dash cam for your car, it's important to make sure your model has all the essential features needed. 

We've listed the most important ones to watch out for in your model below. 

  • The quality - On a rear view lens mirror dash cam you need to consider both the quality of the footage which should be HD or 1080p and the resolution of the mirror LCD itself, the mirror should be anti-glare and high quality to see the cams clearly with detail.
  • Loop recording - Loop recording is essential which most dash cams come with, it will automatically overwrite any footage which hasn't been saved freeing up storage on your memory card.
  • Size - It's important to make sure your rear view mirror dash cam is a big enough size for your car since it will be replacing your mirror, 9-inch or 10-inches is typically the best.
  • Parking monitor and G-sensor - A parking monitor is a great feature to have on your rear view dash cam, this allows you to protect your car while you are not there and will automatically start recording when any motion is detected, a G-sensor also detects impact while driving, locking any important footage.
  • Connectivity options - A lot of dual rear view dash cams come without connectivity options, make sure your model comes with Bluetooth or WiFi if you want to review footage with ease from your mobile.
  • Adjustability and installation - It's important for your rear view mirror to have an adjustable scope on the LCD screen so you can see details from the whole wide-angle view. Installation should also be simple via hardwiring or the cigarette lighter in your car with long enough cables provided.
  • Memory card - Some rear view mirror dash cams have a limit on their memory cards, the bigger the storage your cam has, the better since it can hold more footage. Choosing a card 64GB and above is best.
  • GPS - GPS is not always found on rear view mirror cams but can be useful for showing time, distance and speed as well as location, this can also provide essential evidence in case of an incident.

How To Install a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 

Installing a rear view mirror dash cam is slightly different to installing a standard dash cam since they replace your whole rear view mirror. 

We've listed our best steps to installing your cam below. 

  1. Use the installation straps or brackets to secure your new rear view mirror over your old one then use a trim tool to guide the cable down from your mirror along the passenger side of the car. 
  2. Now connect the cable to your fuse box or either the cigarette lighter, if you choose the fuse box then you need to hardwire your device in. 
  3. Install the rear view camera in the position needed then route the cable along the passenger side once again and to the fuse box. 
  4. Turn on and check both cameras are working and that they are in the right position. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams 

Do rear view mirror dash cams replace your whole mirror? 

Some rear view mirror dash cams simply strap on to your mirror and others will replace the whole mirror via a bracket.

What does the parking monitor mean on these dash cams? 

The parking monitor feature can be used on your dash cam to protect the car while it's parked, this will detect motion or impact then start recording as well as alert you to the activity.

Are dual dash cams better than single view dash cams? 

Dual lens mirror dash cams are better than single view models since they offer more evidence in terms of footage, however, sometimes rear cameras can be lower in quality when compared to the other front camera.

How much do rear view dash cams cost?

Rear view dash cams can cost between £80 and £200 depending on the quality of the model you choose and its features.

Our #1 Rear View Mirror Dash Camera For High-Quality Dual Cam Recording 

Our number one rear view mirror dash cam is the WOLFBOX mirror dash cam thanks to the high-quality rear cameras and front cameras plus excellent features such as continuous loop recording, enhanced low-light recording and parking mode. 

We also recommend the AUTO-VOX mirror dash cam due to split-screen viewing and easy installation whether you want to hardwire or use your cigarette lighter to power your device.

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