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The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Reviews & Buying Guide

 If you own a van or truck, reversing is not an easy job without a clear rearview mirror, some cars mirrors can get obstructed easily, which is where rear view mirror dash cameras make a great investment. 

Not to be confused with a typical rear view dash camera, these models look exactly like a rear view mirror preventing theft and switch on to your rear view when reversing, allowing you to avoid accidents and have an unobstructed view of the rear of the car. 

Rear view mirror dash cams are not as common as typical dual dash cams, making it harder to find the best models, so we've done the hard work and rounded up the best rear view mirror dash cams out there and reviewed them below. 

Our Favourite Rear View Mirror Dash Cam -

The AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam 1080P (Editor's Pick!)

This AUTO-VOX rear view mirror dash cam features a front and rear cam with a 1080p video quality and is fitted with an IMX307 Sony sensor that allows you to get clear image quality front the mirror dash cam during the night and day. 

Top specs of this mirror dash cam are its 6 blue glass lens which reduces overexposure in the video feed and has a full lamination adjustable brightness screen to stop glare on the high-resolution rear mirror. The rear view mirror camera has a parking mode too which protects the cart from theft plus GPS tracking to show speed and record the location of incidents for easy claims. 

Other notable features of the AUTO-VOX dual mirror dash cam are its G-sensor which automatically locks and records footage when the impact is felt and loop recording to overwrite old footage. The fullscreen mirror can be split between both a front and rear view to show both simultaneously plus it has an adjustable view with its touch screen. 

Design-wise the dual mirror dash camera model is run with a supercapacitor and has a USB-type C power supply, the backup rear camera is waterproof and it even has an option for a right-handed view for people who drive on the other side. Parking lines are included as an extra feature to make reversing easier with the rear camera view. 


Overall this mirror dash cam from AUTO-VOX is a superb mirror dash cam that is packed full of helpful features and boasts HD video for better clarity, plus the 150-degree viewing angle increases the coverage of what you can see. 

The GPS module on this cam is great for providing extra details about recorded incidents too such as speed and time, with the rearview cam becoming activated by the G-sensor to any sudden impact. 

Negatives of this AUTO-VOX mirror dash cam are its lack of hardwire kit for installation and although the glass lenses of the rear cam are anti-glare, the plastic edging can cause light orbs at night which be distracting when lit up from other cars. 


  • Front and rear view. 
  • Supercapacitor. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • HD video quality for detail.
  • G-sensor.
  • GPS to record incident time and speed.
  • Parking assistance. 
  • Blue glass lens to stop overexposure and glare. 
  • Split mirror view. 
  • Can be used right-handed. 


  • Lack of hardwires kit. 
  • Plastic edging can produce glare at night. 

Our Second Choice - The WOLFBOX 12" Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera

For people who want a more affordable mid-range rear mirror dash cam, this model by WOLFBOX could be worth considering. 

Feature-wise, the front and rear mirror dash cam has a 1080p video quality with a 6-layer glass lens for night vision viewing and to reduce glare from other car lights and the sun. Its ultra wider viewing angles makes seeing details such as a license plate easier. 

Special functions of the model include its G-sensor for detecting impact, parking mode for theft protection and parking assistance for blind spots. The mirror dash cam additionally has integrated GPS and collision recording with an adjustable mirror dash cam view. 

In terms of the design, the mirror dash cam front and rear model by WOLFBOX has a 2.5D curved touch screen that has streaming media options plus rubber straps for an easy front mirror dash cam setup. A 12-month warranty is included with the model for buyers confidence. 


To conclude, the mirror dash cam model from WOLFBOX is an excellent choice if you are after great video clarity and value for money from your mirror dash cam setup. 

Its design has all the key features such as GPS and even includes its SD card. 

Drawbacks of the mirror dash cam front and rear model are its set up which has been reported to be slightly difficult. The standard mirror view is also stated to get reflections from car lights which can be distracting. 


  • Wide mirror dash camera. 
  • HD video. 
  • Dual camera setup.
  • Parking assistance. 
  • G-sensor. 
  • 6-layer glass lens. 
  • GPS module inside for incident speed and location. 
  • 1-year warranty. 


  • Mirror can reflect. 
  • Setup is said to be difficult. 

REDTIGER 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

The REDTIGER 4K mirror dash cam boasts a 170-degree wide viewing angle with a 4K front camera crisp video quality and HD video on the rear camera. 

Main features of the rearview mirror dash cams model are its Sony STARVIS sensor which helps to see nighttime video and a 6-layer glass lens to reduce glare. The advanced backup camera mirror setup provides parking assistance when reversing making it excellent for trucks and larger vehicles. 

There are multiple functions included with the REDTIGER model such as GPS tracking for better details of accidents, a G-sensor to detect impact and loop recording to make sure your SD card never gets full. It even has a parking sensor to protect the car against theft. 

Design specs of the device are its full touch screen which allows you to adjust the angle of viewing when needed, the model additionally comes with a hardwire kit plus a one-year warranty. 


For people who want a mirror dash cam with high-resolution video footage and wide viewing angles, this RED TIGER model is one of the best picks on our list due to the 4K video resolution. 

The design of the mirror dash cam is easy to fit and its touch sensitivity makes control simple, you can even review video evidence right on the mirror itself. 

Downfalls of the mirror dash cam front and rear model are its GPS module which has to be attached separately to the device. 


  • Extra-wide viewing angle. 
  • Motion sensor and shock sensors. 
  • STARVIS image sensor for night viewing. 
  • Reverse assistance.
  • Hardwire kit included. 
  • Loop recording. 
  • One-year warranty. 


  • GPS module needs to be attached separately. 

Which Is The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam?

In conclusion, to round up our best reviews, our number one rear mirror dash cam is the AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam. 

This mirror dash cam front and rear model has excellent features for its price such as an HD front video and rear with an easy to view video screen and adjustable lens angle. Its split mirror view is also useful for viewing all angles at once in a parking spot. 

As a runner up we recommend the WOLFBOX 12" Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera too, this model has excellent night-vision, anti-glare lenses and a competitive price, we didn’t place it as our number one however due to its difficult setup. 

What To Look For In The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams (Our Buying Guide)

Mirror dash cam front and rear models do not come cheap, this is down to the huge range of features they come with such as impact sensors and wide angles. 

Finding the model with the best value for money can be overwhelming, so we have composed a short buying guide below with all you need to know about choosing your best mirror dash cam. 

Top Features To Consider In Your Rear-View Mirror Dash Cam 

Standard rear-view mirrors with dash cams focus only on video quality and impact sensors, but the higher the quality of the model that you pick, the more features it comes with. 

We have listed the essential ones to watch out for in your new rear mirror dash cam below. 

  • Video resolution & angle - Firstly, you should check the resolution of the video that comes with your dash cam, this should be an HD video or 4K, make sure the rear backup camera is 1080p too, 720p will lose some detail in comparison. At this stage check the wide lens angle your model has too, this should be over 150-degrees for better coverage.
  • Size - You do not want your rear view dash cam to be any bigger than a standard rearview mirror, it should not be too obstructive or take up too much room on your windshield either. 
  • Impact sensors and parking mode - The best dash cam mirror models will have a G-sensor to turn on the camera and lock footage when the impact is detected and a parking sensor mode that detects motion when the car is parked. 
  • Design - Since most mirror dash cams are touch, you should check the sensitivity of your model as this will show how easy it is to control, the lens should also be anti-glare to produce a crisp image. 
  • Night vision - Look for a layer of glass and sensor in your dash cam, this will help you to see clearer details at night when parking. 
  • Reverse assistance - For trucks and vans, having reverse assistance on your model is ideal and will make your life easier as it keeps you within the lines of your parking space. 
  • Easy setup - Your best rear view dash cam model should be easy to set up and come with supercapacitor power plus a hardwiring kit. 
  • Warranty - Always ensure your rear view dash camera has a one or two year warranty for buyers protection against any faulty models. 

FAQs About The Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cams

How much do rear view dash cams cost?

Rear view dash cams typically cost between £100 and £300 depending on the quality of the camera and extra features included. 

Why choose a rear view mirror dash cam over other dash cam models? 

Rear view dash cam mirror models gives a great range of coverage in comparison to normal dash cams and still allow you to switch between a normal mirror and video view. 

They are also the most discreet kind of dash cam which is good for theft plus they are excellent for parking assistance. 

What is a G-sensor on a dash cam? 

A G-sensor is also known as a gravity sensor on these models and refers to the sensor which is triggered when it feels unexpected impact and speed, this automatically triggers the cam to record and lock it as important footage. 

Our #1 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam For Better Visibility 

Our number one rear view mirror dash cam is the AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam due to its HD video quality and a huge range of top quality features such as split mirror viewing and reverse assistance. 

We additionally recommended the WOLFBOX 12" Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera as it has a top quality video with night vision for better-detailed coverage when driving. 

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