What Kind Of Dashcam Brand Do The Police Use? Find Out Here!
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Which Type Of Dashcams Do The Police Use?

If you are looking for a high-quality dashcam then you might be wondering which kinds of dashcams the police use for recording incidents. 

The police often use high tech recording systems or simple dash cams for recording aggressive driving, there are no restrictions on the dash cam that they use.

In our guide below we will discuss the main types of dashcams police use, why dashcams are useful to police, how to look for the best police dashcam and how to give dash cam videos of your own to the police.

Why Are Dashcams Useful To Police? 

Dashcams have always been popular in the police car force, only now are they hitting the consumer industry as a way of protecting yourself during incidents on the road. 

The police use standard or high-quality dashcams in their cars as we mentioned above, they benefit the police because - 

  • They protect the police - The police are involved more than you think in traffic incidents at stops, having a dash cam footage shows this and helps to protect police from violent altercations.
  • Gives transparency - In a case where there was a dispute between dangerous drivers and police dash cam evidence shows footage and audio to provide clarity about what happened.
  • Useful for training - Having dash cam footage as a policeman allows people to study events and identify where dangerous driving has occurred and how to handle specific situations.
  • Can be used as evidence - Dash cam footage can most importantly be used as evidence to show who was in the wrong and can highlight poor driving with details such as number plates.

Which Types Of Dashcams Do Police Use? 

As we mentioned above, police do not have a specific type of dash cam that they use but they tend to switch between either having a very high-quality camera setup or just a standard consumer dash cam, most will be able to shoot 1080P however. 

For example, in the UK it has been said that police use Roadhawk dashcams while in the US it has been seen that they use Panasonic Arbirator dash cams which only shoot in 480P.

Mostly, as long as the dashcam is clear and can record audio, that's all that is needed.

Main Features In Police Dashcams

If your looking for a dashcam that is similar to police dashcams then we've listed some of the essential features to watch out for in your model below. 

  • Recording quality - If you want to have a police standard dashcam then it needs to be shooting at least above 720p for you to see details.
  • Audio - Your dash cams record sound option can be very useful when used as evidence especially if it records any disputes, you must always ask for consent before recording however to make your dash cams legal.
  • Front and rear - Investing in a dual dash cam will help you to see incidents front and rear providing the bigger picture.
  • Loop recording - It's important that your dashcam has a loop recording option, this helps to overwrite old footage and record new footage without the SD card gets full, it also organised collision files into separate folders to prevent them from being deleted.
  • G-sensor and GPS - A G-sensor on your dashcam will automatically mark and save footage when a collision is detected and GPS is excellent for tracking location
  • Parking mode - Parking mode is essential on a dashcam, this automatically turns on when the car is parked and detects collisions or vandalism and theft from happening while you are not around the car.

Can I Give My Own Dashcam Footage To The Police?

Not only do the police find their dash cam footage valuable, but they also have a system for receiving incriminating dash cam footage from the public, footage from a dash cam can help the police to identify and prosecute dangerous drivers. 

If you want to give incriminating dash cam footage to the police simply upload your footage and a report to the National dash cam safety portal online where the police will receive and review important footage.

Final Words

To conclude, the police use standard dashcams in their car similar to consumers such as the Roadhawk dash cams, but this can vary to very high-quality setups too. We recommend choosing a front and rear dual dash cam with a quality of over 720p if you want a similar cam set-up, you should additionally consider a GPS and G-sensor too.

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