What Does A G-Sensor Mean On A Dashcam? How Does It Benefit You?
Written by Nick
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Dec 2, 2021 @ 4:48 am

An accelerometer known as a G-Sensor registers readings based on the amount of force delivered during an impact. When a pre-determined value is achieved, the recorded film is safeguarded and relocated to a folder where it cannot be overwritten by any new footage you capture. During installation, your Dash Cam's firmware sets these parameters. 


The advantage of having a built-in G-Sensor is that if the vehicle is engaged in an accident, the file is automatically secured, guaranteeing that the image is not overwritten by the Dash Cam's usual auto-delete feature. Any of the current dash cam range, including rear camera modules purchased from select shops, can be hardwired in by a trained expert. 


When the G-Sensor is active, the padlock appears in the center of the screen, signifying to the driver that the file is being locked. This can give the driver added peace of mind, knowing that their vital footage is safely preserved and can be watched later, rather than having to remove the Dash Cam right after an incident. 

Other Triggers

Other variables that can activate the G-Sensor include potholes in the road, rapid acceleration and braking, and speed bumps. This can be handy for saving other essential video, however if too many files are being automatically secured by the G-Sensor, the value can be modified depending on the driving conditions or vehicle being driven. 

G-shock enabled automotive video cameras and dash cams, capture every motion you make while the g-sensor instantly records the clip when an incident occurs. 

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