What Is WDR On A Dashcam? Find Out Here & How It Can Benefit You!
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Nov 26, 2021 @ 1:29 am

Unlike the human eye, that can only see a fraction of what is actually there in visible light, Wide Dynamic Range on a dash cam enables a superior image in finer details of what is visible in front and at the back of your vehicle both in the light and in the dark light. In comparison, Dash cams without WDR perform more like the human eyes light levels. If you prefer to trust your senses, there is no need to read on. If however, you have no problem harnessing the latest technology to enhance your drive WDR is designed to be used in applications where there is a large range of light difference in foreground and background, which is useful when viewing license plates at night.

Difference in Foreground

Wide Dynamic Range - WDR is a type of image processing that ensures clear recordings in both bright and dim light. This can obviously be extremely useful for people who want to record everything when there are differing levels of brightness. Dynamic range refers to the contrast in illumination between parts of a picture that are extremely black and parts that are so bright that no details can be seen on license plates at night. Wide dynamic range (WDR) cameras need specific software to balance the lighting for a single, clear image. This makes them perfect for recording situations where the contrast between sunlight outside and dark lighting inside the vehicle might be difficult to capture. The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic measure for enhanced images, expressing the intensity of a ratio of two values. WDR is measured in dB. It measures the differences in ratio of the radiance of the brightest and least-brightest object in the scene. 

Because cameras without WDR can only reliably record the intermediate area of light between very dark and very bright, they have issues with underexposed and overexposed photos.

Additional Advantages

WDR-enhanced cameras have two additional means of balancing light for better photos, in addition to recording a wider spectrum of lighting more precisely. Tone mapping allows the camera or software to brighten and darken dark and light regions automatically. Alternatively, the camera may take many images at various exposure levels.This results in identical overexposed and underexposed images. 

Multiple Frames Combined

WDR enables the Dash Cam to merge many photographs of varying brightness levels into a single improved image, allowing it to record more detail in contrasting light areas and improving the ability to recognize essential elements and forms. This provides added security and visibilty for the driver.

Advanced Sensors

Advanced sensors in dash cams using WDR technology can create a wider range of brightness, allowing them to record in a higher light depth.This approach necessitates a light-sensitive, extremely quick sensor,  which is only accessible through WDR. This technology, on the other hand, necessitates an incredibly fast and light-sensitive sensor, which is only found in advanced professional cameras. WDR is only available on professional cameras, therefore it may be out of your price range. The more you pay, the more you see.

Dash Cams now have a better ability to give enhanced photos in the most difficult settings thanks to the addition of WDR. With more and more traffic in developing countries and less infrastructure, WDR could become an important source of recording accidents and incidents for the police and public alike. This technology, on the other hand, necessitates an incredibly fast and light-sensitive sensor, which is only found in advanced professional cameras. Again, it may not fit your budget.

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